Esta es la pagina oficial de Kronos XL, soy alguien del montón que quiere ser algo más en la vida, por eso me dedico a la música y a los videojuegos, puedes usar mis obras en GEOMETRY DASH para tus niveles.
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Not again 😭😭😭

Posted by kronosxl - November 4th, 2021

I know that no one will read but I have to tell you this, I will retire from music indefinitely, since my PC literally screwed up, I already had many projects about to finish, but since my PC went to hell I will not be able to launch them, so much Like personal projects and projects for FNF mods, yes, FNF, but I will not be able to do anything until my PC is fixed or I get a much better one, but for the moment I leave the music.





Thank you for sharing your age because I will warn you that this is not the last time you will lose important or special files. My fiance works data management and network admin gigs, doesn't like the fact that I swear by my external hard drive, and tries hard to get me on cloud storage. Find an affordable answer for backing up your data. "The cloud" is a god send for someone your age.

I'm not good at data management so having a physical external solid state drive helps me. It's what I used in college so it's a familiar back up method. I've started uploading important RSN files to Google drive. My fiance likes to point out that private data is safer with companies like Google than on an external.

I'm sorry you lost your data. I've lost music, animations, illustrations... it's soul rending. You are young, hopefully some lost data doesn't have any long term impacts. If you're looking at ongoing education, those files could have been useful for a university portfolio or resume. I'm sorry you've lost data.

I know Miss Quarl, but the problem that affects me is a problem with the cable connections, I just discovered it, so it is not a very big problem, so I will return sooner than I had planned, thanks for your recommendations Quarl , I will take them into account to avoid future accidents and incidents

Phew, a simple cable snafu. I'm happy to hear that but seriously, BACK THAT DATA UP. It's a small chore to do it regularly but the payoff is huge. Cloud storage can keep your data backed up minute to minute, while physical external storage is something I try to do monthly. Good luck with your musics kronosxl :3